Accommodation for students studying at the Ulster University is provided on the Jordanstown campus.  Located just outside of Belfast, living at Jordanstown provides you with the benefits of a small campus experience. As your read the information below, please also review the general Ireland accommodation information.   

Jordanstown Campus

Accommodation is provided in Dalriada Student Village, a short walk to the academic buildings. Dalriada Student Village features apartment-style flats for four students with individual bedrooms, either a shared or personal bathroom, and a shared living room and kitchen area. Your accommodation will be self-catered so you should anticipate preparing your own meals and shopping at markets located a short commute from your flat. Internet access is provided in each student bedroom and self-service laundry facilities are available within the complex. 

Belfast Campus

Any student studying at the Belfast Campus will be placed in accommodations at the Jordanstown Campus. You are responsible for any costs associated with your daily commute into Belfast city center.