Excursions & Activities

Arcadia includes many fun and exciting excursions, events and activities - many of which are free and included in your program!  You also have a range of optional excursions and events to join such as the exciting Regional Excursion where we bring together students from our England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland programs and a continental Europe event every Fall and Spring semester. From visiting film locations for Game of Thrones to checking out Newgrange - a burial tomb older than the Egyptian Pyramids, there is something for everyone. Contact your program manager for specific program excursions.

In addition, the Arcadia-taught programs in Ireland have free course excursions - faculty-led opportunities to learn coursework outside the classroom. 

All Arcadia excursions are designed to be fun, interactive learning opportunities where you can visit places of exceptional interest in the country and enjoy experiences that help to illuminate your studies. You could also earn a Co-curricular Learning Certificate (CLC).