As a student on this program, you are guaranteed on-campus housing at Pembroke College. Pembroke College dates from the 13th century, and rooms may range from period housing in older buildings to more modern facilities. You’ll live in a single-study bedroom with a private washbasin and shared bathrooms and small kitchens. For more information please see the main accommodation page for England. 

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served in Hall, and are purchased on an a-la-carte basis. No meal plans are available. A wide selection of food is available, and vegetarian options are always offered.
  • Small kitchens are available to students, but Pembroke housing is not equipped for full self-catering.
  • Students should provide their own linens and towels. We recommend purchasing them upon arrival in the UK.
  • You’ll have access to laundry rooms, a gym, a computer lab, a music room, a dark room, an art room, meeting rooms and a small theater.
  • Internet access is available.