Lancaster University Courses

How to Select Your Courses from the Online Listings

Lancaster University courses available to study abroad students are located on the Lancaster website:

  • The URL will take you to the "Study Abroad Handbook" page, which has a list of all the departments at Lancaster.
  • Clicking on individual subjects will take you to a course list where you can view courses by number and title.
  • The course number tells you whether it is a first, second or final year class, and you can view a brief description of the course, course credits, the terms offered and any prerequisites.
  • If you want to add extra credits to your fall program, learn more about the optional pre-session course taught during August and September. The International Summer Programme (British Culture, Language and Society 1800 – present) is worth 4 semester credits and provides an opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the UK.

You Should Pay Particular Attention to the Following:

  • Duration – Under terms taught, you will see M, L or S or some combination of these three letters. M - Michelmas - fall term; L - Lent - first half of spring term; S - Summer - second half of spring term. L and S must be taken together as they compose both halves of the mandatory spring two-term.
  • Year of Study – This is the year (of a three-year degree) in which a Lancaster degree student would take the course. Because British students come into university ahead of most American students, Year 1 is considered equivalent to a Sophomore level course, Year 2 a Junior level, and Year 3 a Junior/Senior level.
  • Credits – Most students take three to five courses depending on the department and level of the course. Under each course description, Lancaster shows credits in American semester hours under the heading “Credits.”
  • To determine your required full academic course load, keep the following in mind:
    • Academic Year = 32 semester hour credits
    • Pre-session (optional) = 4 semester hour credits
    • Fall term = 12 semester hour credits
    • Spring two-terms = 16 semester hour credits

Please note that students enrolled for the fall term will take specially arranged examinations or turn in final assessments before December departures. Students will not be expected to stay for January or May exams. Academic year and spring/summer students will take examinations or final assessments with the host country peers during the end-of-year revision/examination period.

Making Sure Your Credits Will Transfer Back

Meet with your advisor to discuss course selections. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are registered for a full academic load and that the courses you take abroad will transfer for credit to your home school. While every effort will be made to accommodate your course selections, Arcadia University does not guarantee placement in any course.

Keep in mind that your course selection form is used as part of your application and for the pre-approval process by the host university. Actual course registration does not take place until arrival at Lancaster University.

We suggest that you secure approval for at least 8-10 courses per semester. Make sure to list alternate courses. List your choices and alternates in order of interest. Your first choices may not be available due to schedule changes, time conflicts or cancellations.

Flexibility is very important. If you mandate certain courses that might be unavailable or inappropriate, you may limit your chances of admission, even though you meet the program’s overall academic requirements.