As a student on this program, Lancaster University guarantees you accommodation in one of the eight colleges on campus—you must remain in university housing for the full duration of your program. Lancaster University housing has been consistently voted as the best university housing by students in the UK. For additional information please also see the main accommodation page for England. 

  • The colleges offer a wide range of leisure facilities, including common rooms, study areas, recreation and TV rooms, bars, and coffee lounges.
  • Colleges are self-catered, which means there is no meal plan; however, each college has well-equipped kitchens. You will need to provide your own cooking utensils. We recommend purchasing them upon arrival.
  • Laundry facilities are available.
  • All rooms have access to telephone and internet. Cross-campus calls are free. You’ll be able to subscribe to an account after your arrival which will enable you to make and receive external calls. Each college has a 24-hour access computer room, connected to the university’s mainframe system.
  • You will need to apply for housing yourself and pay your housing deposit (approximately £200) directly to Lancaster. Your Arcadia program manager will advise you on how to do this when the time comes.
  • You may be required by your college to pay a small membership fee, approximately $15-20. You will need to pay this to your college directly, as the membership fee covers social events, the college committee, and other events including the College Advisor system.