Goldsmiths, University of London Courses

Goldsmiths, University of London pre-registers you in the classes you select with your application. Make sure you carefully consider the courses you choose on your Preliminary Course Form. It can be extremely difficult to change courses after your application, and in many cases, you will find limited course availability after the application deadline.

  • You should secure approval for at least 8-10 courses per semester.
  • Make sure to list at least one alternate course for every course you select.
  • List your choices and alternates in order of preference.

It is your responsibility to make sure:

  • You are registered for a full academic load according to your home school
  • The courses you take abroad will transfer for credit to your home school

Please review your course choices with your academic or study abroad advisor, and submit the online Preliminary Course Form on your Arcadia Passport.

Every effort will be made to place you in the courses you originally request. However, neither Goldsmiths nor The College of Global Studies can guarantee placement in any course. Your first choices may not be available due to schedule changes, time conflicts or cancellations. Alternate course approval and flexibility is extremely important.

The Goldsmiths academic year is divided into three terms, a fall term, a spring term and a summer term. Very little teaching happens during the summer term as examinations and projects take place then. This means that you may enroll for the autumn term, the spring and summer terms combined (which are referred to by Arcadia as the spring ‘semester’), or the full academic year.


TermGoldsmiths CreditsU.S. Credits
Autumn Term (Sep-Dec) 4 3.5
Autumn & Spring (Sep-Mar) 8 7
Spring (Jan-Mar) 4 3.5
Spring & Summer (Jan-Jun) 6 5.5
Full Academic Year (Sep-Jun) 10 9

Spring and Academic Year Students

You will need to make arrangements for summer term credit (the period between the end of the spring break and the middle of June).

You have options:

  • Spring students - Choose two classes offered under January - June and two classes offered under January-March.
  • Academic Year students - Two of your courses must end in June (example: September -June or January -June).
  • Spring/Academic Year students: May choose to take one or two of the classes offered during the summer term (2 credits each): London Theatre and London History.

Course Loads

  • Fall term- You will take 4 courses for 14 American semester hours of credit.
  • Spring semester- You will take 4-6 courses for 18 American semester hours of credit.
  • Full year- You will take 4-10 courses for 32 American semester hours of credit.

    Please see table above which will discuss course credit amounts. If you have questions, please speak with your Program Manager.

Please browse Goldsmiths Course Catalog for full details and course offerings.

Specific Subject Areas


Communication studies courses are in high demand. Classes often fill up early during the application process. If you are interested in these courses, make sure to apply early or check course options in related departments. Courses from the Communications Department may incur an additional fee depending on the amount of courses taken.

Studio Arts

Studio Arts at Goldsmiths is offered to students who wish to enroll for the full academic year only. You will only register for FA51012A Fine Art, which will provide you with a full course load of 32 credits.

Students who enroll in studio arts have the option to concentrate in: drawing, painting, film, installation, performance, photography, printed and constructed textiles, printmaking, sculpture, video or a combination of the above.

Portfolio for Studio Art and Design

If you are applying to study Fine Arts or Design you must submit a digital or CD portfolio including at least 10 examples of recent original work that is relevant to what you will be studying. You should include the size and media of each piece along with any notes to clarify the content of your work, as well as any other information you think might be relevant.

Portfolios can be submitted electronically or mailed in a CD/DVD format directly to our office. Please reach out to your Program Manager for instructions on how to submit your work.


Special course fees apply if you take three or more courses in any given semester in any of the following fields (combined): Art, Computing, Communication Studies, Design, Drama, Music and Psychology.


The assessment method(s) for classes may be indicated in the study abroad catalogue, or on the course syllabus. These methods may vary between essay, examination, project work, or a combination of some or all of these. You are responsible for finding out how each of your courses is assessed, and for completing any and all assigned assessments by the deadlines set by Goldsmiths.

You must take examinations attached to their classes whenever the exam is scheduled during their period of study. Autumn students who leave before their examinations are held may be assessed by coursework or by any other additional requirements set by Goldsmiths. Spring exams are usually held throughout the months of May and June, after the month-long spring break. Aside from the work involved with the two summer term classes, there will be a lot of unstructured free time whereby students are expected to study and prepare for exams. Exam timetables will not be released until the middle or end of the semester.