Monash University is recognized worldwide for its focus on research and innovation. The vibrancy of the intellectual atmosphere is what attracts students, faculty and staff from around the world. Research centers in subjects as varied as green chemistry; mathematics and technology education; and Australian Indigenous Studies complement the focus on undergraduate teaching.

On the Arcadia program, you will study at the University's two suburban campuses in the Melbourne area. Located about a half-hour from the city center, the Clayton campus enrolls 28,000 students and offers an array of amenities including ten manicured gardenssporting facilities, and a weekly market held in the Campus Centre. Located just fifteen minutes from both the city centre and the Clayton campus, the Caulfield campus enrolls over 14,000 students. Noted for its offerings in business, information technology, art and design, the campus features an art museum in addition to cafes and a fitness center. Travel between campuses is available through a free shuttle service. The service also provides free transportation to and from a nearby shopping center each Saturday. 

Outside of the classroom, you'll find all of the activities you'd expect at a university the size of Monash. The Monash Student Association organizes clubs and societies, campus events, and even has a campus newspaper and radio station on the Clayton Campus. Caulfield has its own Students' Union (MONSU) that organizes clubs and activities and runs many of the cafes on campus. 

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