In Toledo you have two options for your housing. Your first option is to live in a residence hall amongst other American and International Students. Your second option is to do a homestay (for an additional fee), which is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in local daily life by living in the home of a local family. Please also check out general housing for Spain.


The Fundación Ortega-Marañón - Toledo will place one student per homestay. We will do everything we can to see that the home meets your personal preferences, needs and expectations as outlined by you in the housing and Personal Health forms you complete on Passport. Please include any special dietary requirements so we can try to address them. You will receive all the details of your specific homestay at Orientation.

  • Homestay families are all experienced in hosting American and international university students in Toledo. Like most Spaniards, these families are dedicated, generous and passionate about sharing their home and culture with our students.
  • Homestay families provide you with three meals a day (breakfast and lunch and dinner) seven days a week.
  • Homestay families will have access to the internet. Additionally, computers and internet access (including wifi) are available at The Fundación Ortega-Marañón - Toledo.
  • Pillows, blankets, sheets and towels are provided by your homestay family.
  • We encourage you to participate in homestay activities and to engage in mealtime discussions to improve your Spanish language skills and increase your knowledge of Spanish culture.
  • Homestays are located all throughout Toledo. Commute times to The Fundación can range from 5-35 minutes, depending on whether you walk or take the bus.

Residence Hall

  • You will live with other American and international students within The Fundación building.
  • Single, twin and triple rooms include en-suite bathrooms. The bathroom has a separate toilet and sink in addition to a separate shower area.
  • The Fundación building contains the residence hall, library, classrooms, cafeteria, computer labs, wifi, TV lounge, laundry facility and various administrative offices. A recreation center is a short walk away.
  • Students eat in the residence cafeteria. All meals are included in the housing fee.
  • The Fundación cannot always guarantee that all special dietary requests can be met. If you have special dietary needs, please be sure to include details in the Personal Health form and housing preference forms in Passport.
  • Pillows, blankets, sheets and towels are all provided.