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If you are looking for people who are passionate about leading happy, fulfilled lives with enthusiasm, strong cultural identities, an appreciation of their environment and a love of good food, then Spain has it all. It is consistently one of the most popular destinations for study abroad and Arcadia's Barcelona and Granada Centers support our students in two culturally distinct locations: Granada and Barcelona.

The dramatic landscapes of this part of the world are breathtaking: from the beauty of The Pyrenees mountains to the diverse ecosystems of Andalucía; from the incredible art and food of Barcelona to flamenco dancing in Seville to bustling business on the streets of Madrid. This country is diverse, enriching, ancient, modern and fun, all at the same time.

The influences of Europe can be heard on the street in the passing of conversations in different languages. I learned more than just about Catalans, I experienced European lifestyles, from east and west. ”

Allison Walsh

University of Pittsburgh Student, Arcadia in Barcelona

  • This beautiful country is filled with national and regional traditions and festivals that will immediately captivate you. You’ll learn about its wonderful cultural diversity, history, languages and heritage.

  • You’ll also learn about the forces and concerns that are shaping Spain today such as nationalism, identity and societal development in recessionary times.

  • If you're a night owl, you'll love the hours the Spaniards keep. In general, Spaniards tend to get up later in the morning and stay out longer at night as compared to the U.S. Shopping hours tend to include a midday siesta and later closing times. Restaurants also open late as the last meal of the day is usually between 9pm - 11pm.

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