Part of the United Kingdom, the six counties of Northern Ireland have remained under British rule since the end of the Anglo-Irish war in 1921. Following it’s separation from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland faced a long period of sectarian violence relating to civic, social, and political differences. Today, Northern Ireland offers an example of the vast dimensions of transition from conflict to democracy. 

With the slogan "Embrace a Giant Spirit", Northern Ireland boasts everything from World Heritage sites, to iconic locations in the film and television industry, to cozy cafes and pubs that make the country feel both worldly and intimate. You can enjoy the stunning sights of natural wonders like Giant's Causeway, take in live music just about every weekend, play a round of golf of two, see a theater performance, and even take the ferry over to Scotland, England, or the Isle of Man.

The capital city of Belfast is a modern city that sits on the banks of the River Lagan on the east coast. Once known for its shipyards, most notably the Titanic was built there, Belfast has grown into a popular destination with diverse neighborhoods and a steadily growing population. For students at Queen's University Belfast, Arcadia Abroad staff based in the Dublin Center on the ground support you along the way, from Health and Safety issues to academic guidance and settling in to the fabric of Irish life. Excursions, events and activities organized by our staff help you to make the most of your experience.

Northern Ireland’s second largest city, Londonderry (also known as Derry) is full of  parks and tiny residential neighborhoods, and has the only remaining, completely intact walled city in Ireland. Students on the Conflict, Peace, and Transition program have the opportunity to examine the historical, political and religious roots of the conflict in Northern Ireland, the prospects for peace, and the progress being made. 

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