Application Instructions

When completing your Study Visa (Long Stay Visa), please enter all information exactly as indicated on the application form to avoid delays. Specific guidance for completing the application is below and should be entered on the visa application’s section exactly as it appears here. If you have any questions or need assistance with completing your application, please contact your program manager.

View the completed sample application for additional guidance as you complete the Study Visa form.

  1. Last Name: Provide your Last Name
  2. Last name at birth: Provide your last name at birth, if different from #1.
    If same, leave blank.
  3. First and Middle Names: Provide your First and Middle names
  4. Date of birth: Provide your birthdate in format – day/month/year.
  5. Place of birth: Provide City and State where you were born.
  6. Country of birth: Provide Country where you were born
  7. Current nationality: Provide your current nationality
    • Nationality at birth, if different: Provide Nationality if different from, above.
  8. Sex: Male/Female: Check appropriate box.
  9. Marital status: Check appropriate box.
  10. Write “N/A” or leave blank
  11. National identity number, where applicable: N/A or leave blank
  12. Type of Passport or Travel Document: Select “Ordinary Passport” or “National”
  13. Passport number: Provide Passport Number
  14. Date of issue ( day /month / year): Provide Date Passport was issued
  15. Valid until day /month / year: Provide date of expiration
  16. Issued by: Provide Country of Issue; ex: “USA”
  17. Applicant’s home address and e-mail address: Provide your Home Address and Email Address
    • Telephone: Provide your Cell Phone Number & Home Phone Number
  18. Residence in a country other than the country of current nationality: Check “NO” unless applicable
  19. Current occupation (if full-time student, state “student”): List “STUDENT”
  20. Employer and employer’s address and telephone number. For students, name and address of home institution: Provide your Home University Name & Address
  21. Main purpose(s) of the journey: Check “STUDY”
  22. City of destination in Italy: List appropriate city: (Florence, Perugia, Rome), Italy
  23. Other European Schengen country of first entry: List “ITALY”
  24. Number of entries required: Check “Multiple Entries”
  25. Duration of the intended stay. Indicate number of days (max 365 days): Provide the Number of Days between Your Arrival and Departure Dates.
  26. Shengen Visas issued during the past three years: Check “NO” unless you have another Schengen Visa in your passport.
  27. Schengen Fingerprints collected previously for the purpose of applying for a Schengen visa: Check “NO”
  29. Schengen/Intended date of arrival in the Schengen area: List Arrival Date – Must Match Flight Itinerary
  30. Intended date of departure from the Schengen area (only for visas between 91 and 364 days of stay): Departure Date – Must Match Flight Itinerary
  31. Surname and first name of the inviting person or employer. If not applicable, in case of visa for Adoption, Religious reasons, Medical reasons, Sports, Study, Mission: address of institution in Italy - Please provide appropriate information as per program:
    • For Florence: Accademia Italiana, Piazza de Pitti, 15, 50125 Firenze, Italy
    • For Perugia: The Umbra Institute, Via dei Priori, 84, 06123 Perugia, Italy
    • For Rome: Roma Tre University, Via Ostiense, 169, 00154, Roma, Italy

      • Address and e-mail of person(s) requesting the reunion, or of the employer:

        For Florence
        Barbara McHugh
        (address as above)
        Tel: 39.055.284616
        Fax: 39.055.284486

        For Perugia:
        Daniel Tartaglia
        (same as above)
        Tel: 39.075.573.4595
        Fax: 39.075.573.3257

        For Rome:
        Roberta Evangelista
        (same as above)
        Tel: 39.0657.339628
        Fax: 39.0657.339629
  32. Name and address of inviting company/organization:
    Arcadia University - The College of Global Studies
    Italy Programs
    c/o: Universita' degli Studi Roma Tre
    Rettorato, via Ostiense 161,
    stanza 208
    00154 Roma Italia

    Tel: 06/57332893
    Fax: 06/57332894
    • (Second section): Paola Cascinelli, Interim Resident Director, (address, same as above)
    • (Third section): Tel: 06/57332893; Fax: 06/57332894
  33. Cost of traveling and living during the applicant’s stay is covered by:
    • Check the following – By the applicant himself/herself

      Credit Card
      Prepaid transport
    • Check the following – By the sponsor

      Accommodation provided
  34. N/A
  35. N/A
  36. Today’s Place and Date: Provide City, State and Date of Signature
  37. Signature (for minors, signature of parental authority/legal guardian: Student Signature – must be signed in front of a Notary Public, Honorary Consul, or In-Person at Consulate Repeat place/date & signature at end

If you are appearing in person at the consulate, sign in front of a Visa officer If you have permission to mail your application to the consulate, please have your signature notarized by a notary public or an Honorary Consul.