Policies and Procedures and Student Handbook

We require all participants to read the policies and procedures that govern their participation in a program at The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University. We also require all participants to sign an Enrollment Agreement indicating their understanding and acceptance of Arcadia University’s policies and procedures.

Student Handbook

All students should read the Student Handbook, which provides a detailed description of the regulations and policies, including: the Academic Expectations; Disclosure of Student Records and Biographical Data; Credits, Grades and Transcripts; Code of Academic Responsibility; Code of Conduct; Policies regarding Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Offenses, Alcohol and Drugs, and Technology Abuses; and the Housing Policy.

Enrollment Agreement

In order to reserve your place in the program, Arcadia University requires you to complete the Enrollment Agreement within 10 days of receiving your acceptance. This can be done in the Arcadia Application Portal. If we do not receive your form within 10 days, Arcadia University reserves the right to make your place in the program available to another participant.

Refund & Withdraw Policies

Our Financial Information section explains our refund policies on housing and early withdraw from an Arcadia University program.

Property Damage and Outstanding Accounts

You are responsible for any damage to your residence or other property. Arcadia University will add any damage or cleaning charges to your account. All outstanding charges (including overdue library fees, cleaning fees and damage charges) must be paid in full before Arcadia University will release your academic records.

Admissions Process

In general, you should have completed three semesters of undergraduate study by the time your program begins, although some programs are available to students who have less than three semesters of study. Most programs require a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale, but each host institution establishes its own GPA requirements. As a result, these requirements range from 2.5 to 3.7 on a 4.0 scale.

Please be aware that both Arcadia University and your overseas program reserve the right to rescind their offer of acceptance should you fail to maintain the minimum cumulative GPA required for acceptance to the program, should your behavioral conduct warrant such an action, or should your home institution withdraw its approval for your participation.

Financial Policy and Terms of Service for Arcadia University Excursions and Events

Payment for your Arcadia University arranged event or excursion is due in full at the time of reservation. Payment is non-transferable and non-refundable. Reservation availability is offered on a first-paid, first-reserved basis. Cancellation of a paid reservation via online services is not promissory of a refund. Arcadia University reserves the right to amend, alter or cancel an event or excursion at any time. Refunds due to a course scheduling conflict confirmed after the time of reservation will only be considered with written demonstration no more than two business days after the conflict is confirmed. No compensation will be extended in the event of travel delays or other changes to the trip which fall outside of Arcadia University's control. There is no credit or refund for a student who is suspended or expelled from the program for any reason.