Founded in 1972, the University of Limerick is a relatively new university (by Irish standards), built with the American university model in mind. The university fosters strong ties with local industries and regards eventual student employment placement as a high priority. Students can enroll in courses across the seven constituent colleges (Science, Informatics and Electronics, Humanities, Engineering, Education, Business, and interdisciplinary programs).

Cultural opportunities for students abound both on campus and in the City. The University of Limerick has a world-class University Concert Hall and an outstanding series of concerts, performances, artists-in-residence and exhibits that equal or surpass what you might find or expect in any major city. It is also a feature that helps to integrate the University with the community of Limerick, as these events are open to the public. The cultural life of the city clearly revolves around that of the University.

The University of Limerick also enjoys a world-class sports center, which is one of the major focal points of student activity on campus - it is also home to the indomitable Munster rugby team. Student sports and social clubs provide many diverse opportunities for students to get involved in the life of the campus or community and are an excellent ways for students to meet Irish students. There are 25 societies and 45 sports clubs at Limerick including the Vikings, the American football club started several years ago by a visiting student from Minnesota.

In addition to the clubs and societies, you'll find a campus that abounds with places to go. Seven restaurants and a variety of shops provide the services and amenities you expect on a large campus. Modern housing villages, some that even have their own pizzerias, expand on that campus feel.

Additionally, as a visiting student, you'll be invited to take advantage of University-organized excursions to places of cultural and historical interest, as well as enjoy easy access to musical entertainment and theatrical productions in the city center. A trip to Dublin is also arranged each semester.