National University of Ireland, Galway was originally incorporated in 1845 and its student population has grown to over 17,000. At NUI Galway, you can expect a flexible and challenging academic experience. Courses in areas like Irish history, language and culture can be taken along with subjects like business, the natural sciences and information technology. You can study in the Faculty of Arts (which includes some law courses), and in the Faculties of Commerce, Engineering, and Science (although these three faculties have more restricted course offerings). Depending on the timetable for classes and examinations, you may cross-register between these faculties and among departments. Each department has a designated faculty advisor for international students.

NUI Galway organizes coursework into two semesters. You can expect to enroll in a full-time course load equivalent to that of second- and third-year Irish students. Most courses offered in the second and third year begin and end in one semester. Depending on course credit weightings, this typically amounts to five or six modules (courses) a semester. Only full-year students are permitted to enroll in first-year courses. You can expect to earn 15 credits for a semester and 30 credits for a full academic year.

Your studies will be enhanced by the many cultural and social activities available on campus. You'll be invited to join any of the 80 student societies and 40 athletic clubs that operate. Additionally, you'll be able to enjoy the active program of live classical, traditional and contemporary Irish music performed in the University's Aula Maxima recital room — one of the main musical venues in western Ireland. What's more, you'll be welcome to take advantage of the continual schedule of entertainment and activities planned by the NUI Galway Students' Union.  

If you're interested in athletics, you'll find a great range of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. The surrounding area offers prime opportunities for outdoor sporting adventure. You can enjoy rowing, kayaking and canoeing on the River Corrib (which borders the eastern side of the University), wind surfing and sailing in the seaside resort of Salthill, and mountaineering and hill walking in the mountains and hills of Connemara.