Arcadia University partners with Maynooth University to house all of our students on-campus in the River Apartments. You will reside in Courtyard Apartments, which house six students in each flat, with each student having an individual bedroom and bathroom. These flats are mixed gender. Internet access is freely available around campus

Housing is self-catered. You can do your daily shopping at markets located just off-campus. Each flat has a fully equipped kitchen, and shared living area, with television and modern amenities. Self-service laundry facilities are available within the complex. Telephones are located in every flat for house to house calls only; calling cards are required for making local and long distance calls.  Internet access to the Maynooth network is available to you from your bedroom.

University housing is located on the North Campus, a short walk from the main teaching and classroom buildings. You should expect only a 10 minute commute (walking) to the Maynooth town center. The small village feeling of Maynooth is reflected in the comfortable nature of the on-campus housing. Please also see the general Ireland housing information.