The Institute of Public Adminstration (IPA) was founded in 1957 to provide a wide range of services from management consultancy to short-term training courses on specialized topics for Irish government employees throughout the country. The IPA is primarily a "think tank" for some of Ireland's best and brightest minds to meet and undertake administrative research projects.

As a participant in this program, you'll enjoy a unique and exclusive arrangement. Only North American students sponsored by the IPA have the privilege of interning in both houses of the Irish Parliament: the Dáil Éireann and the Seanad Éireann. You will have the opportunity to obtain a real-world perspective on Irish politics and on how a parliamentary system of government functions. You will earn six semester credits for successful completion of your internship placement, in additional to nine credits for further academic coursework.

  • Your internship will be enhanced by the courses offered at the IPA. The courses are taught by academics with strong backgrounds in fields such as Irish literature, history and politics.
  • Each course is worth 3 semester credits. Subjects include Irish Society and Politics, Modern Irish History, and Anglo-Irish Literature.
  • Additionally, before your internship placement begins, you'll participate in an orientation that will prepare you for your parliamentary experience though intensive instruction that covers Ireland's Constitution, political parties and upcoming legislation.