The University of Manchester supports its wide range of high-quality subject offerings with one of Great Britain's largest academic libraries. Within its collections, you'll find more than three million books and the most extensive range of electronic resources of any collegiate library in the United Kingdom.

Manchester’s Students' Union, one of the largest in the United Kingdom, organizes a full menu of social events and sponsors almost 200 student clubs and societies that cater to every interest. The Academy, the Union's major venue for discos and live music, attracts a wide variety of top acts. What's more, the University houses its own art gallery, museum, and theater.

The University of Manchester is also recognized as one of the best sporting institutions in northwest England. You'll be welcome to join any of the 45 sporting clubs, as well as take advantage of the range of athletic facilities available. As with most UK university fitness centers, there is an additional cost to use the facilities.

You'll also benefit from the services of the University's International Society, which enhances the academic, cultural and social experience for visiting students through its itinerary of regular social events and excursions that visit sites throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.