Manchester has so much to offer students that choosing among the alternatives will be the toughest part about your time here. You'll immediately feel its dynamic and exciting ambiance. The city has been, and continues to be, the proving ground for many popular musicians, which has led to a contemporary music and club scene that is second to none.

Contemporary music is not the only focus, as Manchester is home to two resident symphony orchestras and there is a wide range of classical music performances on at any one time.

Manchester has six theaters and several museums and art galleries. Additionally, food aficionados will revel in the incredible mix of ethnic restaurants – a tangible reflection of the city's vibrant, multicultural population. You can also get caught up in the Manchunian (name for Manchester locals) passion for sports and may want to make time in your schedule to see one of England's most popular football clubs, Manchester United. The city has come a long way from its industrial roots to become a very contemporary city that attracts many students, immigrants and anyone else up for a challenge and something new.

While you'll love Manchester's cosmopolitan appeal, you are not far from some fairly spectacular areas of natural beauty: the scenic villages of the Lake District; the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia; and the Peak District, one of Great Britain's most popular national parks, is visible from the University's campus and can be reached by train in about 30 minutes.

Finally, the exciting capital cities of London and Edinburgh are about equal distance from Manchester and can be easily reached by Manchester's excellent transportation links.