With a student population of about 25,000, Queen Mary University of London prides itself on being an outstanding academic destination for overseas students due to its wide range of course offerings and flexible structure.

Queen Mary offers as much flexibility as possible for visiting students and will help you build an academic curriculum that suits your specific academic and personal interests – whether you're looking to fulfill major-related or general education requirements.

Like many other British institutions of higher education, Queen Mary places emphasis on self-motivated learning. This means that you'll be expected to do a good deal of reading and study outside of class and may find that you are assessed less frequently than at your home institution. This does not mean, however, your workload will be any less comprehensive or rigorous. You'll be expected to keep up with your outside reading without rigid supervision from your instructors, and during seminar discussions, you will be expected to actively participate and share what you've learned.

With its upbeat and eclectic location, there's a lot going on around the university campus. But campus life has a reputation for liveliness as well. As a member of Queen Mary's Students' Union, there are more than 60 clubs, societies and sports teams that you can join. But if hanging out is your activity of choice it's good to know that Queen Mary's Students' Union regularly receives high praise from students and is home to one of the largest clubs on any University of London campus. There are plenty of sports facilities as well including gym facilities, yoga studios, and squash courts. As with most U.K. university fitness centers, there is an additional cost to use the facilities.