All Earlham College students will be accommodated in Arcadia University housing. They will live with other Earlham College students studying abroad and will be supervised by an on-site staff member who lives in the housing. Arcadia housing has on-site laundry machines, multiple kitchens, in-room sinks, and shared bathrooms and internet access. Rooms consist of double and triple occupancy.

As a participant on an Arcadia University program, you are guaranteed housing. Your program fee includes accommodation, but does not include costs for meals or meal plans. To indicate your housing preferences, submit them using your Arcadia Passport.

Arcadia University’s priority is to accommodate you in a place that will support your studies and enable you to experience the local culture. Accommodation is selected by Arcadia University based on these factors, in addition to considering safety, security and cost. For these reasons, Arcadia reserves the right to alter or change accommodation options at any time.

Additional Important Details

  • Every room is different and unique and while Arcadia ensures that all rooms satisfy general standards, there is no way to guarantee uniformity of apartment and room sizes, distance from your university, furnishings, or facilities.
  • Individual space, personal comfort, and social norms play a different role in England than in the United States. Accommodations usually feature central heating and an in-house hot water tanks that works on timed immersion systems for both economic and environmental savings.
  • Internet access will vary depending upon your housing venue.
  • Arcadia will provide each student with a pillow and a duvet; you will be responsible for your own bed linens. As packing space is limited, bringing these materials is not recommended. The Arcadia staff will be able to direct you where these can be purchased.
  • Students with serious health concerns should notify Arcadia University during the application process and indicate any space needs on their housing preference form.
  • Arcadia reserves the right to alter or change accommodation options at any time should circumstances warrant.