Arcadia in London Courses

The courses listed below represent the best that London has to offer. Arcadia in London is designed to engage you completely in the life of the city, exploring numerous topics with a strong emphasis on your location. We carefully design courses that have been consistently reviewed and meet a wide range of general education and major requirements for a diverse student population. You can also take courses at a number of partner institutions to complement your Arcadia courses. We invite you to peruse the syllabi on this page and make your selections in your student portal. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Arcadia London Center!


You will enroll in 16 credits total: 1 required Cornerstone Course which offers experiential academic opportunities to learn about London, and 3 electives. You can review these electives here, or you may choose some from one of our British partner universities.

  • Please review your courses with your academic or study abroad advisor to ensure they will transfer back to your home school and that you are following your home school’s policies.
  • Please be flexible – we can’t guarantee specific courses. If your participation in the program depends on a particular course, be sure to make a note on your online preferences form.
  • Arcadia+ Internship Priority Deadlines and GPA Requirement
    • Fall and Academic Year - April 1
    • Spring - October 1
    • GPA: 2.8 For Consideration; 3.7 for Finance & Banking placements
    • Parliamentary Placements: They are highly competitive and limited each term. Students will be expected to provide a letter of reference.
  • Online course registration will take place several weeks before your program begins. You will select your courses based on the timetable provided at that time. Your Program Advisor will advise you as needed about the different processes for registering in partner university courses.
  • When completing your Academic Preferences Form, please review all course information for the program carefully.

Required Cornerstone Course (Choose one)

Central to your Arcadia in London experience, these inspiring courses have been thoughtfully planned to connect you and your fellow classmates directly with the city you have chosen to explore, experience and understand.  Our experienced and dedicated faculty will lead you on a dynamic journey of discovery, connecting classroom concepts directly to the streets and sites you will visit, setting a framework for your overall London experience.  

You will select one of the following courses as your cornerstone course. Arcadia+ Internship students must select one of the Internship Cornerstone course options.

Course ID Title Credits Semester Syllabus
LONS HSCH 283 Imagining London: A Cultural History 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS SOCG 285 London: Experiencing the Global City 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONI INPR 210 Work in Thought and Action 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONI INPR 310 Work in Thought and Action 4 Fall/Spring PDF

Arcadia Electives

  • Three additional 4-credit courses: Arcadia-taught and/or select partner university offerings.
  • Arcadia+ Options: Internship, Independent Research, Part-Time University enrollment in a local British institution. 
  • View all Arcadia Electives here
  • Secure approval from your homeschool for at least 8 courses.
  • List desired courses at our partner universities in order of preference and indicate how many you wish to take.

Partner University Courses

  • You may also choose to pursue courses at one of our partner institutions.
  • Tuition fees and required GPA will vary. Enrollment in two partner institution courses will incur an additional fee. 

Grade Scale for Arcadia Centers - AACRAO EDGE

The following information is vetted and provided by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) on the Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE).

Percentage U.S. Equivalent
97 - 100% A+
93 - 96% A
90 - 92% A-
87 - 89% B+
83 - 86% B
80 - 82% B-
77 - 79% C+
73 - 76% C
70 - 72% C-
67 - 69% D+
65 - 66% D
0 - 64% F
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