Housing in London

Our housing is located on the Tube’s Northern Line and within a public transport commute to class or your placement of less than one hour (great for London!). Our London Staff will assign you to the location that will make the most sense for your program.

Arcadia University’s priority is to accommodate you in a place that will support your studies and enable you to experience the local culture. Housing is selected by Arcadia University based on these factors, in addition to considering safety, security and cost. For these reasons, Arcadia reserves the right to alter or change accommodation options at any time.

  • Princess Elizabeth House: Situated in a prestigious residential area close to Highgate Village , this residence was recently renovated to purposefully create modern student housing. The building is made up of shared flats and studios, with a limited number of single rooms. With all modern fixtures and high speed internet, the commute is worthwhile for the comfortable housing with nearby shops, grocery stores, pubs and restaurants available just a short walk away. The building has a comfortable, close-knit atmosphere with 24-hour live-in staff and free resident life events. Princess Elizabeth House is about a 45 minute Tube journey to the Arcadia London Center. Take a video tour
  • Arcadia University also houses students at Thoresby House on an as-needed basis, and this may vary each semester. Take a video tour

Additional housing beyond what is outlined above is arranged each term, as needed. We aim to provide similar locations and accommodation types to our regular venues. While we ensure all housing satisfies general standards, there is no way to guarantee uniformity of apartment and room sizes, distance from university, furnishings or facilities.

Very Important Additional Points

  • Meals are not included, so you will have to budget for groceries and prepare your own meals; see our Estimate of Additional Expenses for each semester, under More Info.
  • Academic Year students may not stay in Arcadia housing during winter break. Speak with your Program Advisor if you plan to stay in London during the winter break because you will need to make alternative arrangements.  
  • Students with serious health concerns should notify their Program Advisor during the application process and indicate any space needs on their housing preference form.
  • Arcadia reserves the right to alter or change accommodation options at any time should circumstances warrant.
  • Every room is different and unique. While Arcadia ensures that all rooms satisfy general standards, there is no way to guarantee uniformity of apartment and room sizes, furnishings, or facilities.
  • Individual space, personal comfort, and social norms play a different role in England than in the United States. Accommodations usually feature central heating and in-house hot water tanks that work on timed immersion systems for both economic and environmental savings.
  • Arcadia will provide each student with a pillow and a duvet. Your packing space will be limited, so we do not recommend bringing bed linens or towels with you in your luggage. There is free time on the day you arrive and during orientation for you to purchase these. Arcadia staff will be able to direct you to local shops.
  • Your Program Advisor will send you information and instructions about how to order a Student Oyster Card approximately 3 weeks prior to arrival.
  • Read more about General Housing in England.