You will have the option of applying to live in a self-catered Residential College environment, or to reside in the on-campus student apartments. As you read the information below, please be sure to review the general information for Housing in Australia.

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University Terraces
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Residential Colleges


A unique self-catered facility, Colombo House is a hybrid model between a traditional college and apartment-style living. It is ideal if you enjoy the benefits of a well-integrated collegiate community, with a sense of independence. Colombo House provides an active and engaging living environment, where residents regularly cook and dine together and are offered a diverse range of social, cultural, and sporting events. Full-time staff reside in Colombo House, providing additional personal, academic, and cultural support for students. Living in Colombo is an excellent way to meet domestic and international students, with 240 residents from over 50 countries around the world.

At Colombo House, you will be responsible for cooking your own meals in large, fully-equipped, architecturally-designed kitchens. Many students comment that the communal kitchen is where many friendships are made, dining on the delicacies of differing cultures. Colombo House is a wonderful fit for students who want their own bedroom and private bathroom, and for mature students who enjoy their independence but desire engagement in a culturally diverse student community. Linen packages are included in the housing fee.

Student Apartments


The University Terraces are the slightly more economical housing option on offer at UNSW Sydney, located on the heart of campus. You will be housed in a 2-bedroom apartment, which includes a shared bathroom, kitchen, and lounge room facilities. You will have your own bedroom complete with desk, bed, chair, and wardrobe. Other features include 24-hour campus security; recreation and group study rooms; and Community Assistants (CA) living on-site. The CA role is to engage with residents, facilitate social activities, and act as the first point of contact for any issues or problems that may arise.

The University Terraces are a good fit if you're quite independent and confident in making friendships through classes or joining clubs and societies on campus. Please note: you may be responsible for purchasing your own crockery and cooking utensils upon arrival (although many departing residents do leave these items for arriving students). Linen packages are included in the housing fee.

*Please note that depending upon your housing assignment, an additional fee may apply. Please ask your Program Advisor for details.