In 2020, we established The Arcadia Abroad Council on Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (CEDI) as it is seen today. CEDI guides and leads our initiatives, helping us to stay focused on and accountable for addressing challenges and barriers to diversity and inclusion. CEDI is chaired by those highlighted below, but is made up of a cross-functional team of members in the College of Global Studies. We believe that inclusive excellence must be infused not just in our rhetoric, but in the actions we take towards this goal.


The Full Council:

Darius Carey,

Mary Rogers,

Polly Penter,

Russell Peplow,

Wendy Lombardo,

Tim Barton,*

Each member of CEDI is a part of a working group. Each group is further supported by other members of the College and focus on specific aspects of the CEDI mission. Below are the three working groups we currently have running. Please feel free to contact the representatives listed on this page to learn more about the projects CEDI is working on.


Workshops and Training Working Group: 

Members: Russell Peplow

Partnerships with MSI/EDIs Working Group:

Members: Darius Carey, Mary Rogers, Leslie Granese

Scholarships Working Group:

Members: Wendy Lombardo, Bridget Donoghue Vornholt, Timothy Barton