An Arcadia Abroad Commitment to Access and Inclusive Excellence

Arcadia University is committed to providing meaningful global experiences to students of high need. The Inclusive Excellence Coalition is an invitation to join a community of institutions similarly committed to expanding access to high-quality global educational opportunities.

We envision this coalition to be a mutually beneficial partnership which addresses institutional challenges to providing equitable opportunities to all students. 

The Coalition’s mission is to: 

  • Offer a diverse selection of affordable, top-tier programs to help institutions achieve their goals for international education, applied learning, and curriculum integration.
  • Build a community of like-minded institutions who learn from and support each other in their efforts to expand student access.

The Coalition can also address broader, strategic institutional challenges such as:

  • Recruitment and retention challenges
  • Financial obstacles to equity and inclusion
  • Access to experiential learning opportunities that address career readiness and post-graduation return on investment

We have invested in a curated portfolio of programs in eight countries, offering curricular breadth, a range of locations and settings, and the complete suite of Arcadia program services and student support. Inclusive Excellence Coalition programs are accessibly priced at or below $14,995; include customizable, applied learning opportunities; and require no special application materials or scholarship submissions.

Coalition Membership: Membership is open to colleges and universities in North America who have limited financial resources, serve high need students, and share Arcadia's commitment to inclusion, equity, diversity, and expanding access to study abroad. Eligibility is based upon institutions meeting the following criteria*:

  • Joining member institution has institutional endowment below $100M
  • Joining member institution student population has at least 35% Pell grant recipients

Partner Commitment: Commit to 10% of your total annual semester/year study abroad students participating in Coalition programs each year **

Arcadia Commitment: Arcadia commits to keeping Coalition programs at or below $14,995 through Spring 2023 ***

* Eligibility criteria based on most recent IPEDS Data
**  New members  will have a grace period of two years to build to 10% participation
*** Any increases after Spring 2023 will be in alignment with the Higher Education Price Index.

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