University of Canterbury Courses

You are required to maintain a full-time course load through your time in New Zealand. A full-time course load as defined by Arcadia University is 14 - 16 U.S. credits per semester. Courses can be found on University of Canterbury’s website.

  • Make sure your credits transfer back for credit with your home school - this is your responsibility.
  • Please be flexible about courses. We can't guarantee placement in specific courses.
  • Please review your course choices with your academic or study abroad advisor, and submit the online course registration form to The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University.

Course Restrictions

  • While the Department of Civil Engineering welcomes Study Abroad students and can usually accommodate most course requests, there are limits on capacity in some civil engineering courses. Research the civil engineering courses you need prior to listing them on your preliminary course form.
  • Study abroad students are not permitted to take courses in the following departments: Physical Education, Studio Arts, and Teacher Education.

Choosing Your Courses

A full-time course load is equivalent to four courses at the University of Canterbury (depending on how many New Zealand units each course you have chosen is worth).

University of Canterbury Credit Point UnitsU.S. University Semester Hours of Credit



When selecting your courses from the overseas website, you should be aware of some differences in terminology. In New Zealand, most subject departments are referred to as faculties. In the U.S., we would refer to the Economics Department; in New Zealand, it is the Faculty of Economics.

The First Semester will run from February to June and the Second Semester will run from July to November.

In the Canterbury course catalog, click on the link titled 'Courses Listed by Subject' in the Subjects toolbar in the middle of the screen. Then click on the subject(s) of your interest. You'll find relevant details for each course, including the course description, point value and semester the course is on offer by clicking on the course code/title.

Enrollment Process

Course registration will begin online before you leave for New Zealand, and will be finalized at Canterbury. Once you have registered, you will need to be aware of the add/drop policy at the University of Canterbury before making further alterations to your schedule. You should also inform your home institution of any alterations you make to your schedule once you’ve arrived.

Students must take at least one upper-level (200 or 300-level) course per semester. As part of the course approval process, University of Canterbury faculty will review your home school transcript to ensure that you have completed the equivalent prerequisites.


Additional course fees may be associated with some of your overseas course work, such as courses that include laboratory work, field excursions or theater trips. Please refer to the online course description to determine whether the courses you have selected have additional fees.