A proud heritage and friendly people who are always close to nature

Wales is a luscious country with a proud heritage, a unique language, beautiful landscapes and a people with a relaxed and friendly approach to life.

As part of Great Britain, Wales borders England to the east and the Irish Sea to the west. Its population of about 3 million speaks English as its first language but is officially bilingual and is very proud of its distinct national identity and Celtic culture. You need only watch the Welsh national Rugby Team play to understand the passion and commitment of this nation to its identity and its sporting teams.

We fundamentally believe in the power of music to transform and enrich society, developing skills in teaching, coaching and co-creating projects to create musicians of the future who will make an impact as performers, teachers and enablers within the broader community. Fundamental questions - ‘How can we shape the industry of the future’, ‘How can we use art to make a difference’ - help us to produce musicians who are truly relevant to a 21st Century world. ”

  • Wales has over 1,680 miles of coastline and boasts some of the most beautiful mountainous regions of Britain, including its highest summit, Snowdon. If you are looking to escape into nature, Wales could be just the place to do it.

  • It may not be quite so well known for its geological diversity and rugged beauty but it has some of the best hiking and nature walks in Britain, dotted with Castles, stone circles, beaches and quiet beauty.

  • Arcadia staff in our London Center continue to support our students in Wales throughout their program, offering guidance on everything from academic direction to events, excursions and activities to help you make the most of your time in this extraordinary country.

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