In order to study in Spain for three months or longer, you are required to obtain a National Visa. We strongly encourage you to begin this process as early as possible, as it can take 8-10 weeks to complete. A full visa guide pack will be sent to you outlining exactly what you need to do. Please note, you are personally responsible for visiting the website of your local Spanish consulate to obtain the most up to date and authoritative application requirements.

Four Steps to obtaining your Temporary Long Stay Visa for Spain

  1. Obtain a valid passport - Please visit the U.S. State Department travel pages for the most up-to-date information regarding passport application and fees.
  2. Identify the Spanish Consulate Office that will deal with your visa - You will be submitting your visa application to a Spanish Consulate for processing. Please visit the Spanish Embassy for details. Most consulates require an appointment in person in order to apply for the student visa and we advise you to set this up as soon as possible. If you are in the New York City jurisdiction, speak with your Program Manager for specific instructions.
  3. Complete your visa application - Download and complete the Application for a National Visa.
  4. Collect your visa materials - You will receive in your Acceptance Packet from Arcadia essential documents for your visa application:
    • Arcadia University Certification Letter — verifying your enrollment with Arcadia University of proof of financial means
    • Health Insurance Letter — verifying your international health and accident coverage for the duration of your program, meeting all minimum coverage requirements
    • Spanish Certification Letter — verifying your attendance at a Spanish institution

In addition, you will need to compile other information (note: each consulate office operates as an independent office and can require additional materials. We advise that you check your local consulate office’s website to confirm their requirements before applying for your visa.)

  • Passport. Please be sure that it is signed and valid for a minimum of 6 months after your program return date.
  • 4 Passport-sized Photos. These will be glued to your application.
  • 2 Copies of the Completed National Visa Application.
  • Spanish Certification Letter. Included in your acceptance mailing for Barcelona & Toledo.
  • Arcadia University Certification Letter. Included in your visa pack.
  • Arcadia University Acceptance Letter. Included in your visa pack.
  • Health Insurance Letter. Included in your acceptance mailing.
  • A Copy of your Flight Itinerary/Airline Tickets. Please be sure that this includes your specific arrival and departure details.
  • Money Order Payment. Cost of a student visa may vary by Consulate, please check the individual websites. Payment must be in the form of a money order payable to the Consulate of Spain. Please be sure that your name appears on the money order.
  • Proof of financial means, as defined by the specific Spanish consulate to which you are applying for your study visa.
  • Receiving your Visa: Please follow the Consulate’s instructions on how to obtain your processed visa. Some Consulates require passports with processed visas to be collected in person, others may allow materials to be returned by mail. If you passport and processed visa can be return by mail please use a Pre-Paid US Postal Service Express Envelope, in order to track your passport and visa and ensure that you receive it in a timely manner.
  • Some consulates may also require your academic transcript and additional identification.