Credits, Grades and Transcripts

A study abroad experience is first and foremost an academic experience, which is why Arcadia the process of credit and grade conversion is critical. Understanding the overseas educational system and assigning the correct number of credits to a program is vital.


Arcadia provides information on credit transfer and conversion (i.e. how credits will appear on an Arcadia transcript) at the time you chooses courses. Converting credits into U.S. semester hours accurately is essential, both in ensuring that you continue to make progress towards your degree and to verify your academic load while abroad. The Arcadia University Undergraduate Academic Program Committee and Registrar work in conjunction with our overseas staff to review our conversions to make sure they accurately reflect a full-time load at the overseas institution where you are studying. We look carefully at the question of what constitutes a full academic load for a degree-seeking host country student and base our determination of equivalence on that. Arcadia University is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Any grades that appear on an Arcadia transcript must meet Middle States' standards.


You will receive a letter grade on a scale from A to F for every course you take while enrolled on an Arcadia University program. Although policies at your individual home institution may differ, Arcadia does not permit any student to take courses on a credit/no credit basis. In order to determine grade equivalencies, we look at data about grade distribution in the host institution and at information about what constitutes a minimum passing grade at the host institution in addition to the host institution's suggested "translation" scales. Arcadia University is obligated to uphold the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools' standards. Therefore, we conduct our own independent evaluations in accordance with our responsibility. You will be provided with a table explaining how your grades will appear on an Arcadia University transcript when you go through the orientation process overseas.


At the conclusion of a program, we will send an official Arcadia University transcript to your home school and an unofficial copy to you. This transcript will list the course numbers and titles exactly as they appear on the original transcript from the university or program which you attended.