Victoria University of Wellington: Housing

Victoria University of Wellington provides a variety of housing options. Arcadia has selected two: Everton Hall and Kelburn Flats, as we have found these options work best for our students. Please refer to the information below to guide you in selecting your preference. Both options are fully furnished single rooms, with wifi internet access. Meal plans are not available for either option, so you will be responsible for sourcing and/or cooking your own meals.

Everton Hall

Everton Hall offers dorm-style housing that is within a short walking distance to the main campus (Kelburn), and downtown Wellington. With almost 200 students, Everton has a mostly Kiwi (New Zealander) population, providing an ideal option for Arcadia students who would like to live with local students. Although the vibe is dorm-style, each flat has three or four single rooms, with a communal kitchen, bathroom, and living area. You can also access a large common room with table tennis, a pool table, and video game consoles. This is also where the team at Everton organize social events that are held regularly throughout the semester. Everton has multiple study spaces and is a great option if you're academically focused. Placement at Everton Hall is first-come, first-served, so please be sure to submit your housing form early.

Kelburn Flats

Kelburn Flats (formerly University Hall) consists of fully furnished houses that are dotted around the outer edges of the Kelburn campus. Most houses have a Kiwi Residence Assistant, who lives there as a flatmate, but also provides students with valuable information about studying at Victoria University, and things to do and see in Wellington and beyond. There is a large international student population, which provides many opportunities to meet people from all around the world in a very social environment.  Additionally, the Kelburn Flats staff run events throughout the semester, such as sporting events, crafts, and other social events.

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Except in very rare circumstances, we are not able to accommodate any roommate requests in New Zealand.

While we ensure all housing satisfies Arcadia standards, there is no way to guarantee uniformity of apartment and room sizes, distance from Victoria University or the furnishings or facilities included. Prices provided on the Everton Hall and Kelburn Flats  websites may vary from the Arcadia housing fee depending on the current exchange rate, additional charges for items/services included (eg a linen pack),  and the exact number of weeks our students are housed in NZ on the Arcadia program. 

For more information, please see the general New Zealand housing page.