About the University of Otago

Picture a campus with delightful old stone buildings intermingled with the modern and avant-garde architecture of many new buildings and the stream "The Water of Leith" meandering through the middle, and you have the University of Otago. Academic excellence in an environment that encourages a balance between study and recreation is the best way to characterize the University of Otago.

With 18,000 students, you'll find thousands of courses available to you in subjects from accounting to zoology. Of particular interest to study abroad students have been courses that take advantage of the university's unique geographical location and involve fieldwork in subjects like geology, anthropology, and ecology. With strong courses in political science, classics, film studies, business, psychology and public health, there's a lot more on offer than just courses in the sciences. Research centers include topics in the social sciences and humanities like the Children's Issue Centre, the Centre for Sustainability to science centers like Neuroscience and Marine Science.

Most students take 3 or 4 courses per semester and each course is usually worth 5 credits. You are free to take courses across departments as long as you meet any necessary prerequisites.

Learning at Otago does not end when class ends. The lively campus, active clubs and societies and the vibrant city of Dunedin all provide opportunities to immerse yourself in New Zealand academic life. On-campus you'll find athletic facilities and a bit further afield you'll find that Recreation Services offers a variety of activities and sporting opportunities around the Otago region.

The most popular accommodation option for study abroad students at Otago are the University Flats. These houses and apartments which are within a ten to fifteen minute walk of the university offer you the opportunity to live with New Zealanders (Kiwis) and other international students. You'll share the cooking and cleaning duties and have an opportunity to learn from one another over meals and through socializing together.

Given all the opportunities that Otago presents both in and out of the classroom, it is no surprise that it's such a popular study abroad destination.