The University of Auckland, established in 1883, has a student body of just over 40,000 and is the biggest university in New Zealand. It has a city campus in the center of cosmopolitan Auckland with a beautiful park separating the university from the Central Business District.

The student body is the most ethnically diverse in all of New Zealand. With more than 2,500 Māori students and an additional 3,500 South Pacific Islanders mixed in with almost 16,000 students of Asian background and 6,000 international students you can only imagine the vibrant diversity. There is also huge diversity in age of students, religious beliefs and socio-economic status - it's an exciting learning community.

Given the size and diversity of the student body, it's not surprising that diverse course offerings are also available. Courses are offered in more than sixty subject areas at Auckland. While specific strengths exist in Māori and Pacific Studies, biological and marine science, history, engineering, medicine, anthropology, ethnology, mathematics and psychology, there are many other subject areas available. Of particular interest to students can be courses that involve field study or research in Māori education, marine conservation, molecular biodiscovery, mathematics and its application, Māori development and advancement.

Because of its location in the heart of the city, the University of Auckland is not really a residential campus. Most New Zealand students live in the suburbs and commute to school everyday. However, this doesn't take away from the presence of clubs and societies which offer great opportunities to become involved in campus life. An on-campus recreation centre is also available for your use with gyms, work-out rooms, a climbing wall, and recreational courses on dance, yoga, and other areas available.

Modern housing near the campus and the city also provides easy access to everything Auckland has to offer. The cafes, clubs, and museums of Auckland are all within easy walking distance. The Maidment Theatre on-campus is home to live theater as well as dance and music. The Auckland University Student Association also hosts concerts, and operates restaurants and pubs on-campus.