Celebrating diversity and Italian language and culture

Università per Stranieri or University for Foreigners, was established in 1921 and is the oldest university dedicated to study of Italian language and culture by foreign students. The innovative institution attracts students from all over the world who have all different skills levels in Italian. This diversity means that every class has a range of nationalities, creating a vibrant inter-cultural learning environment from the outset.

The university is located in the center of the beautiful hill-top town of Perugia in the ancient building of the Palazzo Gallenga. The university also occupies four smaller buildings, the Prosciutti, Lupattelli, Orvieto and Valitutti buildings which, although they are set in the picturesque surrounding countryside, are within walking distance of the main site.

Universita per Stranieri specialises in the teaching of Italian as a second language including related subjects such as art, literature and economy. Its principal aim is to help promote the Italian language and culture worldwide thereby increasing awareness of cultural diversities in the world.