ISI Perugia - The Umbra Institute Summer Courses

Enroll in one of the two academic pathways to make the most of your summer in Italy. General Studies students choose two courses for six credits in a variety of subjects per session, including Italian Language and Culture. Intensive Italian students select a course track based on  Italian language level. You may choose to participate in either individual session of the program or both sessions. 

  • Please review your courses with your academic or study abroad advisor to ensure they will transfer back to your home school and that you are following your home school’s policies.
  • Please be flexible – we can’t guarantee specific courses. If your participation in the program depends on a particular course, be sure to make a note on your online course form.

Choosing Your Courses

Refer to the ISI Perugia - The Umbra Institute website for your chosen period of study for course descriptions and syllabi (where available):

  • General Studies
    • Session 1: Two courses, up to 6 credits
    • Session 2: Two courses, up to 6 credits
    • Session 1 & 2: Four courses, 12 credits
    • Courses are taught in English with no Italian proficiency required
  • Intensive Italian
    • Session 3: Two courses, 6 weeks, 8 credits (Referred to as Intensive Italian Summer Language Program)
    • Courses are taught in Italian for Beginner to Advanced learners
    • These courses cannot be combined with General Studies electives
  • Your session dates are determined by your academic pathway and differ between General Studies and Intensive Italian. See the Program Dates page for more information.

Enrollment Process

Official course registration will take place upon arrival. The online course form you submit prior to acceptance is not set in stone.

Miscellaneous and Fees

You are only required to take one course per session for General Studies. Taking additional courses is optional and will result in increased tuition cost.

Please be sure to consult your program advisor to learn if your courses have associated lab fees.

Grade Scale for ISI Perugia - AACRAO EDGE

The following information is vetted and provided by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) on the Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE).

Percentage U.S. Equivalent Student Performance
93 - 100% A Exceptional
90 - 92% A- Excellent
87 - 89% B+ Superior
83 - 86% B Superior
80 - 82% B- Superior
77 - 79% C+ Satisfactory
73 - 76% C Satisfactory
70 - 72% C- Satisfactory
67 - 69% D+ Low Pass
63 - 66% D Low Pass
60-62% D- Low Pass
59% or less F Fail (no credit)
Intellectual property copyright AACRAO EDGE.