At ISI Florence  you will live with other students on your program. These student apartments or flats, afford you a high degree of independence and allow you to experience university life as Italian students would. All apartments include wifi access, bed linens and shared kitchen facilities where you can prepare your own meals.

Apartments typically house 2-8 students. You will most often be allocated double rooms, but some apartments may have single and triple rooms. Properties are within a 15-25 minute walk of the ISI Florence and are located in the historical center in glorious buildings that are centuries old. Unfortunately, not all the apartments have lifts, so walking stairs is commonplace. 

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All housing will have a kitchen, bathroom and sometimes a lounge area. Basic kitchen utensils provided include dishes, cutlery, pots and pans. Some landlords provide extra amenities for our students, such as televisions, phones, dishwashers and clothes washers, but these items should not be expected.

  • Blankets, pillows, and sheets are typically supplied, but we recommend that you purchase a set of your own sheets (standard flat double size) and pillowcases, as well towels and washcloths (which are not provided) upon arrival.
  • There is no meal plan option available, all apartments are self-catered. The staff of the Institute will be happy to help you locate the nearest markets and grocery stores.
  • Apartments are heated during winter, but Italian homes are not traditionally kept as warm as homes in the U.S. Additionally, you might not have control over the temperature or when the heat is turned on/off in your building. Also, be prepared for the fact that apartments in Italy do not have air conditioning.
  • Apartments, rooms, and storage spaces are considerably smaller and more simply furnished in Italy compared to the U.S., so please keep this in mind when you’re packing.
  • You will be responsible for keeping your room clean and laundering your own sheets and towels. (There are usually laundromats within walking distance if you do not have a washer in your apartment). Dryers are not common in Italian homes, so expect to line-dry your clothes as the Italians do.

Please be sure to also review the general Italy housing information.