A focus on academics in a quaint, small Italian town

The “big university town in a small Italian city,” Perugia hosts the Umbra Institute, founded in 1999 in cooperation with Arcadia University as a center for higher education offering academic programs for students of U.S. colleges and universities. Nestled between colorful cafes, restaurants, museums, and art galleries in the historical center, the Umbra Institute houses a library, computer facilities, art studios, student lounge, and multimedia classrooms.

The diverse Umbra faculty and friendly staff strive to incorporate a genuine Italian experience into all elements of both the academic curriculum and student life. Don’t take our word for it: Ask former students to get their perspective on studying at the Umbra Institute. We hope you will join the ranks of students who call Perugia home!

Beyond the unique location, community engagement is the guiding philosophy behind all Umbra academic programs. Thanks to the small size of the city, students are able to experience first-hand a real integration into Italian culture and the way of life, combining challenging academic learning with an authentic interaction with the local community. Through these interactions, students discover that giving back to the host community is one of the most rewarding outcomes of their time abroad.

The real and visible impact of these efforts includes intercultural exchange, language acquisition, and new friendships. Students may choose from academic internships and service learning projects to volunteering, Co-Ops, and more. For more visit Umbra Community Engagement Abroad and their YouTube channel, Umbraviews.