While studying at the Accademia Italiana, you will live in furnished apartments in the heart of Florence. These properties are leased by the Accademia and typically house between two and six students, with you sharing a bedroom with another student. Your roommates are likely to be other North American students studying at Accademia Italiana. 

Living as a Florentine, you will do your shopping at nearby markets and stores, using this produce to prepare your own meals in your kitchen. Additionally, you can purchase meals at any of the nearby local eateries, but this may become expensive if undertaken regularly. Properties are within a 10-20 minute walk of the Accademia Italiana and are located in the historical center in glorious buildings that are centuries old. Unfortunately, not all the apartments have lifts, so walking stairs is commonplace.

Typical Florence Student Apartment

All apartments will have a kitchen, bathroom and sometimes a lounge area. Basic kitchen utensils provided include dishes, cutlery, pots and pans. Bedding and towels are provided in all apartments, along with internet access. Some landlords may even provide additional amenities, including laundry facilities and a television, but these items should not be expected. 

You will be responsible for keeping your room clean and undertaking your laundry, including your own sheets and towels. If you do not have a laundry in your apartment, there are usually laundromats within walking distance. Dryers are not common in Italian homes, so expect to line-dry your clothes as the Italians do.

Apartments are heated during winter, but Italian homes are not kept as warm as homes in the U.S. and you might not have control over the temperature or when the heat is turned on/off in your building. Also, apartments in Italy do not have air conditioning.

Please be sure to review the general Italy housing information.