University College Cork was established in 1845 as on one of three Queen’s colleges in Ireland. In 1908, it became a constituent college of the National University of Ireland and adopted the name University College Cork. The beautifully landscaped main campus sits on a hillside beside the River Lee and is only a short walk from downtown Cork and Arcadia housing. The campus’ large, mature trees and lovely lawns and gardens will provide a welcome respite from your studies.

UCC provides a wide array of excellent academic opportunities to help you enhance your understanding of Irish history and culture. You can choose from courses in Celtic civilization, Irish cultural studies and Gaelic language through the University's notable Celtic Studies Department. A certificate in Irish Politics or Irish Studies is available for those students who complete a set of courses on these subjects.

You’ll also be able to select from a number of other course offerings in humanities, music, science, engineering and food science and technology. Generally, you’ll be able to register in several different departments and you’ll take six courses earning 12-18 hours of credit per semester.

In the fall, many students choose the Early Start program option offered in early September. The Early Start courses spend one month focusing on a single subject area such as folklore, history, the environment, archeology, literature, music and business. All of the Early Start courses include field trips to various destinations throughout Ireland. An added benefit of the Early Start option is that you will become accustomed to life on this campus of 14,800 students before the academic semester begins.

Outside of your studies, you’ll find ample opportunity to meet new friends through an array of activities and organizations sponsored by UCC’s Students’ Union. You’ll also be welcome to take advantage of the University’s extensive indoor and outdoor sports facilities.