This applies to Semester & Year students in the Republic of Ireland ONLY. For more information, please contact your program manager. Students studying in Northern Ireland should see UK Visa Requirements.

All non-EU students studying in the Republic of Ireland for more than 3 months are required to complete a registration process with Immigration Services (INIS) and pay a €300 EURO registration fee within their first month in country.

This is not a visa and cannot be completed prior to arriving in Ireland. American citizens do not need a visa to study in Ireland.

Irish Registration Process Guidelines

  • You are required to register with Irish Immigration (INIS) within one month of your arrival on campus.

  • The Arcadia Dublin staff will review this process with you during the Arcadia orientation in Dublin and direct you on what to expect.

  • In some instances your host institution will arrange a day for all visiting students to register as a group. Directions will be provided during your on-campus orientation.

  • You are required to produce several documents, along with a €300 fee. Official letters of enrollment and support will be provided by Arcadia University and your host institution. Year students are responsible for providing personal financial records.

  • Upon successful completion of registration, an Immigration Officer will place the Immigration Certificate of Registration into your passport.

To complete the registration process, you will be required to produce:

  • Arcadia University Certification Letter (provided by Arcadia during Orientation)

  • Acceptance Letter from your Irish host institution (provided by Arcadia during Orientation)

  • Arcadia-provided health insurance ID card or confirmation letter. You will receive information regarding your insurance, and how to access your ID card, before you depart for Ireland. Your ID card or confirmation letter must be printed off in its original color format (black and white version may not be accepted).

  • €300 EURO Registration fee. Only Credit card, Debit card and Bank Giro* are accepted (American Express cards are not accepted at some INIS branches). Cash will not be accepted.

  • *YEAR students only: An original bank statement from an Irish bank which shows funds of €3,000. You must open a bank account in Ireland in order to demonstrate your financial status to the Immigration authorities. Student bank accounts with Irish banks are not liable to any bank surcharges. You will need to have a letter to open a bank account and this can be obtained from the International Office at your University. Arcadia staff will explain how to open an Irish bank account during Orientation.

  • Some programs require additional requirements which would be provided by host institution.

*A Bank Giro is a way of transferring money by instructing a bank to directly transfer funds from one bank account to another without the use of handling cash, etc. You will be given clear instructions on how to use the Giro when you go into the bank if needed.

Other Information

If you are in possession of an EU passport, you may not be required to complete the Irish Registration Process. Please speak with the International staff at your host institution after arrival for further instruction.

The Irish Immigration Services could change their rules and/or requirements at any time. Arcadia or your host institution will inform you of updates.