It’s important to think about all the expenses you are likely to incur while abroad so you and your family can plan ahead. Your program fees section explains what your program fee does and does not cover, and will provide you with an overall estimate of expected expenses. For example, your airfare to Ireland is not included in your program fee. It is important to note that the "Estimate of Additional Expenses" information is provided for planning purposes only, and may vary according to your own personal spending habits.

Items to consider

  • All visiting non-US citizens must pay the registration fee of €300 when registering with the Immigration authorities in Ireland.  Please refer to immigration information for more details.
  • Expect to spend extra on meals and basic expenses during your first couple of weeks in-country as you settle in.
  • Some universities assess a special course fee for physical sciences or engineering. Each university has its own policy. Some assess a fee for every special course taken, while others assess the fee only if a certain portion of courses is taken within one of these departments. Depending on your program, the special fee can range from $1,500 to about $3,000. Don't let this fee catch you by surprise. You will not be billed for this fee until after you have registered for classes overseas.
  • Allow $75 per week for meals taken in collegiate/student union refectories or prepared yourself. Estimate more if you plan to eat out a lot.
  • The cost of meals, books, local transport and personal items will vary. If you are assigned to a university residence hall with a required meal plan, you will be billed for this extra cost about one month after your program begins. Personal expenses include costs for laundry, phone calls, entertainment, gym membership, etc. Check out the FAQ section for tips on phones and our vacation travel considerations.
  • If you are in Dublin, you will commute to class. A 5-day student bus ticket costs €22.50 or a 30-day ticket costs €111.50. This can be used on non-consecutive days for an unlimited number of journeys each day.. You may want to buy a second hand bike (at about €80-€100) to ride when the weather is good. If you are in a program outside of Dublin, you should have minimal transportation costs. Most students walk or buy used bicycles. You should also allow for rail/bus fare for weekend excursions.
  • Count up your weeks of study and vacation if any under your program.
  • Make daily and weekly budgets and stick to them.

Sample Budget WorksheetExpenses
Full program fee (including $500 deposit) $
Orientation expenses
Meals (#program weeks _ x $ _ per wk)
Special Courses Fee
Local transport
Personal expenses
Vacation expenses
Total Expenses

Family contribution $              
Your savings
Stafford Loan (deduct 5% for origination fees)
Other financial aid
Other resources
Total Resources