As a student on this program, you will live in University of Westminster housing. University housing is a popular option for visiting and full-time students, and Arcadia cannot guarantee your first-choice housing selection—when filling out your housing form, you should rank all Westminster residences in order of preference.

Westminster has three housing locations; Harrow Hall, Alexander Fleming Halls and Marylebone Hall as described below. All housing is:

  • Self-catered accommodation and does not offer a meal plan.
  • Fully furnished with kitchen equipped with microwaves and storage cabinets.
  • Laundry facilities are available.

You will need to provide your own linens, towels, cutlery and dishes. We suggest that you purchase these items when you arrive in the U.K.

Choosing Your Housing

If you select two or more classes based at Harrow Campus you will be housed at the Harrow Halls of Residence. If the majority of your classes are at the central London campuses, you’ll be housed in one of the Central London Halls of Residences.

Your placement in Westminster housing depends on the campus in which your program is based. If you change your class allocation after you arrive at Westminster, you will still be housed according to your original course selections.

Students should expect to commute to their classes; depending on your housing placement and the campus of study, 10-45 minutes would be considered a normal commute (great for London!).

A supplementary fee may be charged for any of the Westminster residences.

Housing Options

Harrow Hall (harrow Campus)

You’ll be located in northwestern London on the Harrow Campus, near the Town Centre. You’ll be a 35-50 minute commute each way to any of the other Westminster campuses. You’ll live in a single en-suite bedroom in six-student apartments, or flats, with a shared kitchen, bathroom, and large common room with TV.

Alexander Fleming Halls (Central London Campus)

You’ll be located in a vibrant and fashionable area of London near the Barbican and Brick, with convenient access to the Old Street Station. The residence is more dorm-style, with shared kitchens and bathrooms within the Hall’s three to four-story blocks. Flats for six have two shared bathrooms, and flats for eight have three bathrooms. Only international students are housed here.

Marylebone Hall (Central London Campus)

You’ll be located in a newly refurbished residence hall in a very central area of London near Regent’s Park, with convenient access to the Baker Street Station. You’ll live in a single room with en-suite bathroom and shower facilities.

Arcadia guarantees housing on all programs. If requested, students can be placed in Arcadia housing. For additional information on Arcadia housing, please see the main housing page for England.