London Internship Program Courses

You will enroll in 16 credits total: 1 required Internship Cornerstone Course and 3 electives. These electives can all be from the Arcadia course catalog below, or you may choose some from one of our British partner universities.

You will be in your placement eight hours a day for three days per week.

  • Please review your courses with your academic or study abroad advisor to ensure they will transfer back to your home school and that you are following your home school’s policies.

  • Please be flexible – we can’t guarantee specific courses. If your participation in the program depends on a particular course, be sure to make a note on your  online course form.

Special Considerations

On this program, you will have the option to enroll part-time at one of our British partner universities.

  • Tuition fees will vary depending on where you enroll in classes (See below).

  • Our partner universities require higher GPAs to take classes there (See below).

  • You must follow London Internship program dates unless otherwise noted because this is your primary program.

Please note the following for some of our Internship Placements.

  • Finance & Banking Placements: The minimum GPA requirement is 3.7.

  • Parliamentary Placements: They are highly competitive and limited each term. Students will be expected to provide a letter of reference. 

Choosing Your Courses

When completing your course selection form:

  • Review all course information for the programs carefully.

  • Register for a total of 16 credits.

  • Required Courses:

    • 4-credit Cornerstone Course, INPR 310 Work in Thought and Action, for all interns.

    • 1 Arcadia-taught 4-credit elective.

  • Electives: additional Arcadia-taught courses and/or select partner university offerings.

    • Two additional 4-credit electives: Arcadia-taught courses and/or select partner university offerings.

    • Secure approval for at least 8 elective courses.

    • Please list all 8 courses in order of preference on your Course Form.

Enrollment Process

Online course registration for Arcadia London Center courses will take place several weeks before your program begins. You will select your courses based on the timetable provided at that time and you should use the online course form you submitted as a guide. Your Program Manager will advise you as needed about the different processes for registering in partner university courses.

Arcadia London Center Courses

Internship Cornerstone Courses
Course ID Title Credits Semester Syllabus
LONI INPR 310 Work in Thought and Action 4 Spring/Fall PDF
Course ID Title Credits Term Syllabus
LONS ARDP 290 Contemporary Photography Practice 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS AREC 280 Environment, Communities and the Arts 4 Fall PDF
LONS ARLC 103 London: City of Art 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS ARUS 282 Art & Architecture 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS BUIM 257 International Management 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS BUIM 357 International Management: Strategy and Competitiveness in a Globalizing World 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS BUMC 310 Integrated Marketing Communications in the UK 4 Fall/Spring Not Available in Spring 2018
LONS CMAD 301 The Challenge of Advertising to Multicultural Britain 4 Spring PDF
LONS CMPR 300 Strategic Public Relations 4 Spring PDF
LONS DTPC 181 The London Stage in Text and Performance 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS DTSH 280 Introduction to Shakespeare in Text and Performance 4 Fall PDF
LONS ECON 109 Introduction to Microeconomics 4 Fall PDF
LONS ECON 235 International Economics 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS ECON 335 International Economics 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS ENCW 210 Creative Writing 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS HIEC 173 Issues in British Imperialism: 1800 to the Present Day 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS HSCH 283 Imagining London: A Cultural History 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS LIUK 120 The London Novel 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS LISG 320 Sex & Gender in London Literature 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS MSFC 362 Contemporary British Film: Culture & Society on Screen 4 Spring PDF
LONS MSHP 142 Introduction to British Media 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS PSUK 130 Introduction to British Politics 4 Fall PDF
LONS PSUK 351 Britain and the EU 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS PYDP 290 Developmental Psychology 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS SOCG 285 London: Experiencing the Global City 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS SOGL 212 The Making of Global London 4 Fall/Spring PDF
LONS SOSC 143 Introduction to Sociology 4 Fall PDF
LONS SOSC 343 Sport, Society and Culture 4 Spring PDF
LONS SOYC 323 The Original Youth Culture: Teenagers and Subcultures in Postwar Britain 4 Fall PDF

Partner Universities

Partner Universities Course Information

Due to visa restrictions students can only take up to 8 credits at a partner institution.

City, University of London

City, University of London is a great option for business, economics, social sciences, psychology and more. Up to 8 credits at City are included in the Band I tuition fee. Learn more about course options and how to select courses.

Please note: Due to differences in program calendars and exam dates, students cannot take math or computing courses at City in the spring.

GPA for Consideration: 3.0

Goldsmiths, University of London

Goldsmiths is particularly good for communications, computer science, education, art history, music, social sciences and psychology. One or two courses at Goldsmiths are included in under Band I. Learn more about course options and how to select courses

Please note: art courses are not available to Arcadia in London students.

GPA for Consideration: 2.8

London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London

London College of Fashion (LCF) offers courses suitable for fashion majors as well as non-majors with an interest in fashion studies. Up to 8 credits at LCF are included in the Band II tuition fee. View a full list of course offerings at LCF in fashion design and fashion business. All courses taken here are hands-on and rigorous. Past participants of the London Internship Program have advised that students shouldn’t take more than 2 LCF courses, as it is very demanding.

GPA for Consideration: 2.8

Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary has a large and varied course catalog. Subject areas include physical/life sciences, engineering, computer science, English, drama, history, business and social sciences. One or two courses at Queen Mary are included in the Band II tuition fee. Learn more about course options and how to select courses.

Please note: Due to differences in program calendars and exam dates, Spring semester course availability will depend on the assessment method. When searching the Queen Mary course catalog, spring students should look for courses that do not list “Examination” as part of the assessment, found under the course description.

GPA for Consideration: 3.0

Tuition Bands

London Internship has three tuition fees. Standard tuition assumes enrollment in courses at the Arcadia London Center only. Band I and Band II fees assume enrollment in up to 8 credits at a London area university; fees vary based on your chosen London area university.

  • Standard Tuition - For students taking only classes taught at our Arcadia London Center.
  • Band I Tuition - For students taking two classes at our Arcadia London Center and up to two electives at City, University of London or Goldsmiths University of London.
  • Band II Tuition - For students taking two classes at our Arcadia London Center and up to two electives at Queen Mary or up to 8 credits at The London College of Fashion.


Possible additional fees for courses that include laboratory work, field excursions or theater trips.

For design and music courses, you may need to submit a portfolio or audition tape to support your application. Portfolio is non-returnable.

Grade Scale for Arcadia Centers - AACRAO EDGE

The following information is vetted and provided by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) on the Electronic Database for Global Education (EDGE).

Percentage U.S. Equivalent
97 - 100% A+
93 - 96% A
90 - 92% A-
87 - 89% B+
83 - 86% B
80 - 82% B-
77 - 79% C+
73 - 76% C
70 - 72% C-
67 - 69% D+
65 - 66% D
0 - 64% F
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GPA for Consideration: 3.0