Mesoamerica refers to a historic and geographical region that encompasses central Mexico to Costa Rica, comprised of regions of seven different Latin American nations. Two of these will be your home during the New Activisms, Human Rights, and Social Justice program -  Guatemala and Costa Rica. 

Centuries of pre-Columbian innovation and civilization characterize these lands, with Mayan, Aztec, and Toltec peoples, amongst others, occupying and cultivating the regions, which is home to an array of geographic features and cultural commonalities and distinctions. 

Architecture, agriculture, archaeology, and natural landscapes form the backdrop to your studies of political strife, struggle and protest and its effects upon  historically marginalized and developing communities, including Indigenous and Afro-descendant people, peasant communities, women, members of LGTBQ+, and youth.  From the varied mountainous, volcanic and coastal regions of Guatemala to the rich natural reserves of Costa Rica, you will be traveling in a living laboratory of deep reflection and cultural observation and connection. 

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