Located on the coast, one hour south of Sydney, Wollongong sits in a region known as Illawarra, an Aboriginal term that means "where the mountains meet the sea." This is an apt description of the area, which is graced with rocky cliffs, magnificent rainforests, beautiful parkland and sandy beaches.

Apart from its natural appeal, Wollongong offers first-rate urban amenities. You'll find a selection of shops, galleries, restaurants, cafés, entertainment venues, and cinemas. There is a lively arts scene – from theater and dance to concerts and exhibitions – offering cultural interest to locals and visitors. Professional rugby and basketball teams provide an outlet for those interested in spectator sports, while magnificent surfing beaches and great hiking trails provide opportunities for those more interested in experiencing the outdoors.

One aspect that attracts students to Wollongong is regular commuter train service from near campus to Sydney. In less than two hours, you can be in the center of Sydney, and train service is frequent and relatively inexpensive. While this may attract students, many find that campus and city life in Wollongong offers more than enough and there isn't a need to go into Sydney as often as they thought they would.