Questions about our programs

Do I qualify to study abroad? What are the GPA and academic requirements?

There is a GPA requirement for every Arcadia University study abroad program. There may be additional requirements based on the program type, including a background in a foreign language or course prerequisites in a particular subject. You can find these requirements under the 'Fees & Scholarship Details' on each program page.

What is the cost of an Arcadia Program and what is included?

The cost for each program is posted on our website, and can be found under the 'Fees & Scholarships Details' section of each individual program page. Arcadia program fees are comprehensive and include tuition, guaranteed housing, health insurance, orientation, and more. We even provide estimates for additional expenses. View a complete list of what's included in the program fee. Please be aware some schools have special tuition arrangements when you go abroad, so it is best to check with your study abroad office or check your school’s study abroad website to see what the policy is on your campus.

Are there any scholarships I can apply for?

The College of Global Studies has one of the most extensive scholarship programs available. On average, 70% of students that apply for scholarships through The College receive a scholarship, and scholarship amounts range from $250-$2500 depending on the program type and length. There are also a variety scholarships available for specific programs, as well as a number of local and national scholarships available to students who meet certain criteria.

Can I use financial aid to study abroad with Arcadia?

Many students are able to use their financial aid to study abroad with The College of Global Studies. Federal and state aid can often be used abroad, with some exceptions. However, your home school will determine if you can use your institutional aid abroad. Ask your Financial Aid Office or Study Abroad Office about which aid you can use to study abroad as it differs from school to school.

Which program is best for me?

Our Program Finder is a great way to narrow your program search by timeframe, location and the subject you want to study while abroad. You can also narrow your search by the type of program you're interested in, such as internships and research. If you need further assistance in finding the program that is a good fit for you, our team of Program Managers will be happy to help. You can request more information or submit a question online, via email at, and by phone at 1-215-572-2900.

What courses can I take? Can I take courses in my major?

You can take courses in a wide variety of subjects abroad, including courses in your major and those that meet general education requirements. There are courses offered by Arcadia at many of our program sites in a range of disciplines, and many of our university partners abroad allow you to study in the same subjects offered to local students. Available courses can be viewed on each program page. Your Program Manager will also help you navigate course selection once you have applied.

Note: Your school may have specific restrictions that limit what you can transfer back to your school for credit; therefore it is important to share your list of courses you plan to take abroad with your academic advisor to ensure courses you take abroad will transfer back to your home school.

Do I have to be an Arcadia University student to study abroad on an Arcadia program?

You do not have to be enrolled at Arcadia University to participate on an Arcadia study abroad program. Our programs are available to students studying at accredited US and Canadian colleges and universities. We always recommend you speak with your study abroad office before applying for a program as some schools have pre-approved lists of study abroad programs available to you.

To review requirements and recommendations, check the individual program descriptions, or feel free to contact us online, via email at, or by phone at 1-215-572-2900.

Do I need to find my own housing? Where will I live when abroad?

On all Arcadia study abroad programs, you are guaranteed housing, so you will not need to find your own accommodations. Depending on the location and specific study abroad program, you will live in either apartments or university residences. On certain programs, homestay options are available. Accommodation information can be found on each individual program web-page under the “Accommodation” tab.

What do the “Recommended” and “For Consideration” GPAs mean?

We provide two GPAs on each program page, “Recommended” and “For Consideration.” If you have either GPA, you can be considered for the program and are urged to apply. However, if your GPA falls within the “For Consideration” range, you may be asked to provide more information during the application process.

How long are the programs?

We offer a variety of short and long-term programs. You can choose to study abroad during the January term (J-term), Summer, Semester, and Academic Year. You can find a program that fits your requirements by using our Program Finder and filtering by the “Timeframe” option.

Can I use my VA benefits to study abroad?

In many cases, yes. Arcadia can certify you for VA benefits when you study abroad. It is important to plan ahead if you would like to use these benefits since you will need to coordinate with your home school, with Arcadia, and with your Veterans Services Officer.

Will only Arcadia/American students be in my classes?

It depends on the program. On some programs, such as enrollment at an Australian, British, or Cuban university, you will primarily study with local university and international students; on other programs, including Arcadia center-based programs, you will study primarily with students from U.S. colleges and universities.

How will my credits transfer?

All of the courses you take abroad will be transcripted by Arcadia University. We will convert the courses you have taken abroad to the U.S. system. We will send the Arcadia transcript to your home school. Check with your home school to see how your credits will be counted toward your degree program. Learn more about Transcripts.

Can I live with local students?

This may be an option depending on which program you choose. Ask a Program Manager for more information about specific accommodations.

Can I request to live with a friend?

While we cannot guarantee that requests will always be honored, you can request to reside with other participants on most programs abroad, excluding programs in New Zealand. You and your friend must request each other on both housing applications.

Will I be able to travel on the weekends?

For the majority of our programs, yes! You will have the option to travel independently or with friends during your time abroad. Our staff in-country can provide some great suggestions. We recommend you wait to plan weekend travel until you arrive in-country so you can find out all the best deals from the locals, and plan trips with your new friends. Arcadia also offers day trips and weekend excursions, some tied to courses you are taking, others just for fun and exploration.

Can I work while I am abroad?

This depends on when and where you are studying abroad. Some student visas, like the Australian visa, will allow you to work part-time during their semester. However, visas required in other countries can restrict any paid work. Ask your Program Manager if this is possible on your program.

What university am I affiliated with when I study abroad?

You are affiliated with Arcadia University while on your study abroad program.

When are program fees posted to the website?

Fees for programs are released at the following times:

  • Fall/Academic Year: March release
  • Spring/January Term/Academic Year (Southern Hemisphere): September release
  • Summer: November release

However, if fees have not been posted for the semester you are planning to study abroad, please refer to the information from the same semester of the previous year. While we cannot guarantee fees will be the same, this will provide an estimate of the program cost.

Let us answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our study abroad programs. If you need more information or have additional questions, please contact your Program Manager.