At the end of your program, The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University will send an official Arcadia University transcript to your home school and an unofficial copy to you. Additional copies of your transcript can be ordered online or in writing at any time from the Arcadia University Registrar's Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I Receive My Transcript?

Because overseas universities have different administrative structures, transcripts are not usually issued as quickly as they are in the US. While the timeline varies by program, transcripts are issued generally by the following dates:

  • Summer programs – late September
  • STEM summer programs – early to mid-October
  • Academic Year Southern Hemisphere and Fall programs – late March
  • Academic Year and Spring programs – late September

Transcripts are processed in the order they are received by Arcadia University, and the above dates are presented as a guide. You will likely have your transcript before the end date listed, but occasionally some take longer to receive from overseas and to be processed.

What If I Need It Faster?

If you have a documented special circumstance that requires you to receive your transcript earlier than the above guidelines, we will endeavor to accommodate it. A special circumstance includes homeschool, financial aid, registration, scholarship, employment or internship deadline. Address all correspondence regarding expedited transcripts to Requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Can I Get an Electronic Copy?

While electronic copies of your transcript are available from the Arcadia Registrar’s Office after your transcript has been issued, your original unofficial transcript is a paper copy which is mailed to the permanent address you specified in your application.

What if my Unofficial Copy Doesn’t Arrive?

If the unofficial transcript is returned to us for any reason, we will contact you, obtain an updated address and mail it back out to you promptly. Your unofficial transcript is sent out within one day of your official transcript.

What if my Home School Does Not Receive My Transcript?

While it doesn’t happen very often, email and we can tell you when and where it was sent. If it is established that your transcript went missing, we simply issue another copy. Please allow for mailing and processing times.

How are Transcripts Mailed Out?

Except in cases of extremely urgent expedited documents, transcripts are mailed through Arcadia University’s Mail and Print Services via regular, first-class US Mail in a window envelope with the address showing through the window.

What Does my Transcript Look Like?

Your transcript will list the course numbers and titles exactly as they appear on the original transcript from the university or program which you attended.

How Do You Translate Credits and Grades?

Credits and grades will be translated into US semester hours and a 4.0 grade scale based on the program information you received at orientation, which is also available on the website. Please refer to your program’s course page for the grade scale that pertains to your specific Arcadia program transcript.

Can I Dispute One of My Grades?

Email so we can ensure that grades and credits were accurately translated and recorded. If they were, and you attended a program at an Arcadia Center, and still wish to dispute a grade, we can provide you with a petition form to complete. If you attended a direct-enroll institution, you will need to contact your host institution instructor and/or international office directly, depending upon your host institution's process. Please copy us on any correspondence regarding a grade dispute so we may follow up on your behalf.

A Grade was Changed, or I’ve Completed a Re-sit, How Long Do I Have to Wait for my New Transcript?

When we are aware you have a grade change pending, we will continue to follow up until we receive updated documentation. This can take time. We will stay in touch with you and are happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

What If I Have a Balance on My Account?

Please note that transcripts will not be issued to students carrying a balance. If you have an outstanding balance, you will be notified by our billing department at the email address we have on file for you. Once your balance is settled, your transcript will be issued.

Further Questions

If you have questions, please email or contact Rose Koch, Academic Records and Systems Manager, at or (215) 572-2901.