At the end of your program, The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University will send an official Arcadia University transcript to your home school and an unofficial copy to you. Additional copies of your transcript can be ordered online or in writing at any time from the Arcadia University Registrar's Office.

This transcript will list the course numbers and titles exactly as they appear on the original transcript from the university or program which you attended.  Credits and grades will be translated into US semester hours and a 4.0 grade scale based on the program information you received at orientation.

Because overseas universities have different administrative structures, transcripts are not usually issued as quickly as they are in the US. While the timeline varies by program, a general timeline for transcripts being issued is:

  • Summer programs - mid-September
  • Academic Year Southern Hemisphere and Fall programs - late-March
  • Academic Year and Spring programs - late-September

Please note that transcripts will not be issued to students carrying a balance. If you have questions, please contact your program manager.