Welcome Home Study Abroad Alumni

You’ve joined the ranks of over  65,000 students that have studied abroad with Arcadia since the first group of Beaver College ladies traveled overseas in 1948. They studied the economic effects of World War II in Europe, paving the way for generations of students – like YOU– to study abroad.

Stay Involved

Whether you recently returned, or are a longtime alumnus, there are plenty of opportunities to share your excitement, connect with your peers, and help the next generation of students broaden their horizons as you did.

Practical Matters


At the end of your program, The College of Global Studies will send an official Arcadia University transcript to your home school and an unofficial copy to you.

Putting your new skills into words

Whether you decide to start a job search (either in the United States or abroad), apply to graduate school, or simply take some time off, you’ll need to articulate the skills you learned abroad and incorporate them into your résumé or cv.

International Job Search

Whether you're hoping to work abroad or for a U.S.-based organization with international ties, establishing contacts is an essential part of any job search.

Reverse Culture Shock

You probably looked forward to coming home – regardless of how exciting and life-changing your study abroad experience was – and now that you’re here, you may be surprised to find that in some ways it may be more challenging to readjust to life back in the United States than it was to go abroad. These feelings are sometimes described as "reverse culture shock" or "re-entry shock,” but there are ways to cope.


Please feel free to contact an Arcadia University program manager at any time if you would like to talk about your experience. You can email us or call us at 1-866-927-2234.