Share YOUR Experience

Welcome back Arcadia Abroad alumni! We hope you've returned with the authentic global experience that you hoped for and one that's inspired you and helped you develop and enrich your life intellectually, personally and professionally.

Your study abroad experience does not have to end just because your program has. Leverage your experience and enthusiasm for study abroad as an Arcadia Abroad Alumni Ambassador! 

Students considering or preparing to study abroad are eager to speak with a like-minded student who has recently completed a study abroad program through Arcadia Abroad. They have questions – much like you did – and want to be sure they make good decisions. You can be there for them to help them on their journey!

As an Arcadia Abroad Alumni Ambassador, you will 

  • gain professional experience that will help you in your career;
  • help create study abroad awareness while serving as a resource to prospective study abroad students; 
  • inspire others to embark on their own study abroad experience while building your leadership skills.

Arcadia Abroad Alumni Ambassadors serve as representatives of Arcadia Abroad. As an Ambassador, you'll receive proper leadership and development training upon acceptance into the program.