Are you thinking about studying abroad but have more questions than answers? Like any challenge worth pursuing, there is nothing better than talking to someone who has already been there and done that.

Arcadia Abroad Alumni Ambassadors are students who have recently studied abroad with Arcadia and who are available to talk, text, email, video call or connect with your social media.

  • They are eager to share their experiences, knowledge and tips with you and happy to talk about a range of topics from specific courses they took, to locations, activities, events and support available for health and wellness issues.
  • Please browse our contact Directory to choose the ambassador you'd like to email. Their program and topics of interest are listed.
  • Please note, the Arcadia Abroad Alumni Ambassadors are sharing their own views, thoughts and experiences of their time abroad; they are not providing professional expertise or advice in a formal capacity. If you have a specific health or wellness concern, please contact a healthcare professional.