University of Westminster Courses

Course Information

University of Westminster courses available to study abroad students are described on their university website.

  • Visit the Undergraduate Study Abroad Module Catalogue page.
  • Courses are listed by campus, by department, and then by semester.
  • Each document will list all courses available to study abroad students in a department. Each listing includes the course code, title, semester offered, level and number of credits. Course descriptions are at the end of the document.
  • Please refer to the US credit equivalencies outlined below ONLY, as Arcadia converts classes into US credits differently than Westminster.

Important Notes

Studio Arts students who wish to take practice-based modules need to submit a portfolio of recent work with their applications.

Courses listed as "Year" are not available to students who will be at Westminster for a single semester only.


Westminster has four campuses. The campus a particular course is based from, is denoted in the course code:

  • Regent Campus 
  • Harrow Campus (located approximately 45 minutes from Central London campuses)
  • Cavendish Campus 
  • Marylebone Campus 

A Note About Harrow Campus

You can take classes at both Harrow and Central London campuses, but you should expect a commute of 45 minutes between campuses. All students who take two or more courses at Harrow will be housed at Harrow.

Course Levels

Course levels are indicated by the course number; the first digit in the three digit number at the end of the course code will tell you the level of the particular course.

  • Level 4 - Introductory, No background required
  • Level 5 - Sophomore and Junior level. Will need some background, plus satisfy relevant pre-requisites
  • Level 6 - Senior, Advanced. Will need significant prior knowledge (at least 5-6 prior courses in the subject, plus satisfy relevant pre-requisites). You can only take level 6 courses if you have a very strong background in the subject.

Harrow School of Art and Design

  • If you are applying to take any practice-based classes at the Harrow School of Art and Design, you need to submit a portfolio of recent and relevant work on a CD/DVD or electronically. Please contact your Program Manager for instructions. Portfolio guidelines are available for your review.
    • For art classes, this should consist of no more than 10 recent works with descriptions.
    • For broadcasting or communications classes, this should include recordings or videos of your work.
    • For journalism classes, it should consist of articles you have written.
  • All Harrow School of Media, Art and Design modules require a 3.0 GPA. If you have below a 3.0 GPA, you will not be able to take these classes.

Credit Transfer

Study Abroad students should enroll for courses according to the following guidelines:

  • Autumn or Spring Semester students will take three courses for up to 60 Westminster credits, or 15 U.S. credits.
  • Academic Year students will take six courses for up to 120 Westminster credits, or 30 U.S. credits for the academic year.
  • Individual courses may be offered at 15, 20, or 40 Westminster credits.
Westminster Credit Values U.S. Credit Equivalent

15 Westminster credits

4 U.S. credits

20 Westminster credits

5 U.S. Credits

40 Westminster credits

10 U.S. credits

Course Approval

The University of Westminster pre-registers you in the classes you select with your application.

Please carefully consider the courses you choose. It can be difficult to change courses after your initial application, and in many cases, you will find limited course availability after the application deadline. You should secure approval for at least 8-10 courses per semester.

  • Make sure to list at least one alternate course for every course you select.
  • List your choices and alternates in order of preference.
  • You will not know your course schedule prior to arrival. You will have the chance to change your courses upon arrival during your individual registration appointment.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are registered for a full academic load according to your home school. Please review your course choices with your academic or study abroad advisor, and submit the online course registration form to The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University.

Every effort will be made to place you in the courses you originally request. However, neither Westminster nor The College of Global Studies cannot guarantee placement in any course. Your first choices may not be available due to schedule changes, time conflicts or cancellations. Alternate course approval and flexibility is extremely important.